We finished a 5 years round-the-world biking tour on 5th July,2013. Thank you very much for following our journey!
Where are Yoko and Hiro ?
★1739 days on the road
★Visited 57 countries
★Cycled 35,439 km
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About This Site
We made a round-the-world biking tour for 4 years and 9 months from Oct,2008 to July,2013.
We cycled around:
 Middle East (Turkey,Syria,Jordan,Israel,Palestine and Egypt)
 Eastern & Southern Africa (Ethiopia,Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Malawi,Mozambique,South Africa and Namibia)
 Central America (Mexico,Cuba and Guatemala)
 Silk Road (China,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Iran,Armenia,Georgia and Turkey)
 South Amreica (Patagonia:Argentina&Chile, Uruguay)
 Europe(Norway,Denmark,Sweden,Germany,Netherlands,Belgium,France,Austria,Italy,Hungary and Croatia)
 South East Asia (Thailand,Indonesia and Singapore)
 South America Part2(Peru,Bolivia,Argentina,Chile,Paraguay,Brazil,Venezuela,Colombia and Ecuador)
 Europe Part2(Spain,Italy,France,Monaco and Switzerland)
 Indian subcontinent(India and Nepal)
 New Zealand
 Europe Part3(Morocco,Spain and Portugal).
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